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An Open Letter to Our Customers

You Will Always Be at the Center of Our Business

Dear Certinia customer:

At Certinia, our mission has always been clear: We put our customers at the center of our business, so they can put their customers at the center of theirs. This approach to building businesses helps unlock the value of achieving true customer centricity.

Our focus has also always been: One Company, One Product Family, One Platform, One Development Team, One Upgrade Path, and One Roadmap all focused on helping you deliver incredible experiences for your customers. Simple, predictable, and innovative.

We are the absolute leader in the Professional Services Automation (PSA) market. Our explosive growth shows we are extending our lead even further and it’s forcing others to consolidate in an effort to stay relevant. Your investment in Certinia and your trust in us, as a company, is why we continue to win in both the PSA and ERP marketplaces. We are incredibly grateful for that support and trust.

We believe this approach ensures Certinia is unified as one team, to speed innovation, and to deliver lasting value to our customers. I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact of our mission on our customers’ businesses, and I am tremendously proud of the work we do to create mutual value.

To our customers both present and future, you have my pledge to keep your priorities, needs, and goals squarely at the center of our business. Every new product feature, every engagement opportunity, and every strategic decision will continue to be made with you, our customer, top of mind. You can count on that from Certinia—yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Scott Brown
President and CEO, Certinia

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