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Everything you need to know about managing your projects on Salesforce in 5 minutes

If you’ve been struggling to gain control of your projects, you’re not alone. With all of the different resources, expenses and people involved, it can be difficult to gain real-time visibility into all the projects your business is running.

With the flexibility and ease of the Salesforce1 platform though, you can gain unprecedented visibility across sales, services delivery and finance by running them all on that same platform.

By managing your projects on Salesforce, you can get social and mobile to keep projects on time, customers happy and reports up to date.

In our new quick guide to Managing Projects on the Salesforce platform, you can dive into the 6 key reasons why professional services works better on the Salesforce platform. Download the eBook and take 5 minutes to learn how running your services on Salesforce will give you:

  • Complete visibility into your customers & projects
  • Sales and services alignment to deliver profitable projects
  • Mobility that is the key for a modern services team

managing projects on salesforce

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