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Now Certinia, but the ‘Force’ endures: Celebrating our strong alliance with Salesforce

Gwen Milligan is a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience driving pipeline and revenue growth through strategic partnerships. With a strong background in technology, consulting, and business development, Gwen excels at developing and executing innovative go-to-market strategies. Currently serving as the Vice President of the Salesforce Alliance at Certinia, she oversees the company’s crucial multi-faceted relationship with Salesforce. She lives in Dallas, Texas.

At Certinia, we hold our partnership with Salesforce in high regard. As the pioneering ISV on the Salesforce platform since 2009, our collaboration has only grown stronger with time. That’s why we’re always delighted to be part of the Salesforce World Tour series of events. This year’s event in NYC held on Star Wars Day, “May the 4th”—an incredible gathering that rivals even the annual Dreamforce event in San Francisco—was made that much more special by the announcement that FinancialForce had changed its name to Certinia, a name that aligns better with our expanded suite of solutions and emphasizes our dedication to innovation and customer success.

Joe Thomas on May the 4th be with you at SF World Tour

Certinia embodies the concept of certainty, which lies at the core of our offerings. We understand the challenges faced by businesses in an ever-changing and uncertain world. Our objective is to provide customers with the confidence and assurance they need to achieve outstanding business outcomes, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive sustainable financial performance.

Why is certainty critical for service businesses running on the Salesforce platform? Because every decision, every action, and every customer interaction holds immense importance. These businesses rely on Salesforce as their single record of customer data to streamline operations, drive revenue growth, and foster customer loyalty. With Certinia, while leveraging that same single customer record, organizations can attain certainty in their customer-facing processes, data, and outcomes, enabling them to focus on their core strength—delivering exceptional services.

At the Salesforce World Tour NYC, we had the pleasure of engaging with numerous Salesforce customers who were eager to extend and enhance their investment in the Salesforce ecosystem to their service delivery back office. We were pleased to see that many recognized the distinction between merely integrating multiple apps with Salesforce and being natively built upon its robust platform.

Our Services-as-a-Business platform offers a comprehensive set of solutions covering the entire lifecycle of a services organization. From opportunity to renewal, Certinia provides a connected and integrated platform that empowers businesses to optimize processes, achieve operational excellence, and drive growth.

Aftershow happy hour

The decision to rebrand was a collective endeavor undertaken in close collaboration with Salesforce. We are proud to state that our strong partnership remains intact and continues to flourish, with new applications that complement Salesforce CRM, Analytics, and CPQ products. Together, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of joint our customers.

Certinia is wholeheartedly devoted to the Salesforce platform. Our focus on the services industry aligns with the vertical trends we observe in the SaaS space. We recognize the power of the Salesforce ecosystem and the value it brings to our customers. Together, we will forge ahead, driving success and achieving remarkable outcomes.

Ultimately, we are thrilled about the launch of Certinia and the promising future it holds. We embark on this new chapter with enthusiasm, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. While the “Force” remains with us, Certinia is the name that will propel us forward into a future defined by certainty and success.

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  • May 23: Salesforce World Tour – Amsterdam
  • June 20: Salesforce World Tour – Tel Aviv
  • June 29: Salesforce World Tour – London
  • September 12-14: Dreamforce – San Francisco
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