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Do you really have a 360-degree view of your customer?

How is the new services economy changing business? At Certinia Community Live in Las Vegas, Jon Reed and Phil Wainewright of Diginomica sat down with analysts and industry leaders to discuss everything from disruption and cloud ERP to the changing worlds of financial management and professional services.

In this third installment in our series of Diginomica interviews, Doug Caira (Vice President of Professional Services at Imprivata) shares how his organization has coped with and capitalized upon its tripling in growth over the past several years. With 75% of their time spent on the road and working with customers, Imprivata’s staff needs a truly 360-degree view of data—from customer satisfaction to revenue and forecasting—to do its best work.

Some key highlights from the conversation:

  1. Spreadsheets don’t scale: Caira knew his team was scaling quickly, and the “paper processes” and spreadsheets used by the company were starting to become a problem. Switching to Certinia about 3.5 years ago has allowed the business to meet its scale head-on and continue to grow significantly.
  2. Anyone can tap into the single source of truth: Using Certinia and Salesforce puts all of Imprivata’s critical customer and business information in one central location. This allows any employee to pull up account records and get insights into sales, service, support, or anything else, supporting business growth at scale.
  3. Give customers visibility for a truly 360-degree view: Today Imprivata uses Certinia as an internal tool for its professional services teams, but in the next phase Caira aims to “take that information and expose it out to our customer base.” He believes that this real-time sharing of project data and information will help Imprivata stay even more closely connected with its customers.
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