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Webinar Recap: Why Antisocial ERP Cannot Survive

In today’s networked-economy, social business tools are crucial to successful customer, employee and stakeholder relationships. In this webinar with Financial System News, our CEO Jeremy Roche discusses how businesses can better evolve and grow in the midst of this connected society by deploying socially-aware ERP in the cloud.

“We are all customer-facing at all times.” Throughout the webinar, Jeremy explains that the customer has to be at the center of everything a business does. He not only urges businesses to “focus on the customers backwards,” but he also points out that the terms “customer-facing” and “back office” will start to disappear as the business ecosystem evolves and all facets of the business will be connected to the customer, not just the departments that are traditionally customer-facing.

“Businesses that don’t start to adopt socially-aware applications will ultimately struggle to retain [millennials] even if they can employ them in the first place.” As FSN editor Gary Simon (@FSN_Editor) points out, millennials are projected to become half of the workforce by 2020. In the webinar, Jeremy takes a moment to discuss how businesses can support their talent by optimizing cloud business applications.

Watch the webinar and learn more about seamless collaboration both externally with your customers and internally within your business. Antisocial ERP cannot survive.

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