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Which 2016 technology vendors do TSIA members love the most?

In TSIA’s 11th annual member technology survey, they document their members’ adoption, satisfaction and planned spending across 42 different areas of technology used by professional services, field services, education services, support services, customer success, service revenue generation, managed services and expand selling.

Ensuring project success

Picking a vendor with a track record of success for technology services is a great way to ensure success for the project. When TSIA members are shopping for new technology or services, the first question they ask via the TSIA inquiry process is, “What are other TSIA members using for this?” This report is used as a guide for Services leaders who are evaluating new technology or services for their business and provides a comprehensive list of the top installed products for each category in the 2016 Global Technology survey.

Which technology vendors have the highest adoption by TSIA members?

According to the survey, Certinia Professional Services Automation (PSA) is the top installed PSA vendor among TSIA members. The survey concluded that it is used by a third of member companies and is the first time a cloud PSA tool has taken the top spot.


For each category in the survey, a brief description and the service disciplines to which the category applies are included, along with details of the top installed products for 2016. So download the full report to see which applications and technologies TSIA members love the most.

Download the full report here >

The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) is the world’s leading organization dedicated to advancing the business of technology services. They are dedicated to helping services organizations large and small grow and advance in the technology industry by providing world-class business frameworks, best practices based on real-world results, detailed performance benchmarking, exceptional peer networking opportunities, and high-profile certification and awards programs.

TSIA members represent the world’s top technology companies, as well as scores of innovative small and mid-size businesses in four major markets: enterprise IT and telecom, consumer technology, healthcare and healthcare IT, and industrial equipment and technology.

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