Willow leverages Certinia to manage its growing global technology business

With real-time tracking of projects and clear visibility into monthly P&L, Certinia has given us a new level of insight into our performance. For a young company with ambition to scale, it's vital that we have access to real-time data.

Daniel Isserow, Head of Finance, Willow

Key Benefits:

3 Minutes for cash flow matching, down from three days

Instant accurate, business-critical reports

1 Automated, controlled cash, flow process

Willow leverages Certinia to manage its growing global technology business

Willow is a technology company that creates digital twins of real assets, either buildings or infrastructure. Digital twins are the most intuitive way to store, organize and access the incredible amount of data generated by complex smart buildings or infrastructure, allowing owners, facility managers and built environment professionals real-time insights to strategize and optimize every aspect of a building's operations.

To best serve its customers, Willow has sought to minimize the complexity of its own business processes. But before Certinia, the company's revenue and professional services reporting and forecasting were largely manual, requiring the finance team to download pipeline, revenue, and forecast data from separate systems into multiple spreadsheets. The next step of this time-intensive, inefficient process involved creating multiple pivot tables. Realizing these processes were not scalable, Willow knew it needed to tame the chaos.


With Certinia ERP Cloud and Professional Services (PS) Cloud natively connected to Salesforce CRM, Willow now has an automated, end-to-end cloud solution to manage purchase orders, billing, manager approvals, and more. With the Salesforce platform at the core, everyone can easily keep track of everything from lead generation to project and financial reporting.

Willow's finance team no longer relies on disparate spreadsheets to look up projects, payments, or billing records. Instead, the team uses Certinia to match all its data to professional services data, reducing time spent and improving control over cash flow.

Unified dashboards in Certinia Analytics—powered by Salesforce Einstein and Salesforce Lightning (LEX)—means Willow can see its financial data and services insights in real time and in a single view. Comparing a revenue forecast against budget and revenue recognition is now easy and accurate.