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Why choose Certinia?

Listen to existing customers explain why they chose Certinia.

“When we decided to go with Certinia, the big attraction to us was being on Salesforce.”

Steven Mandelbaum, Vice President, Business Solutions

“With workflow efficiencies, automation opportunities, and integrated data driving business decisions, Certinia does not feel like an additional cost but more like a cost-saving exercise for our organization.”

Dan Paget, CSO, Jellyfish

„Certinia helped us transform and begin our journey to being a data-driven organization. If it wasn’t for this partnership, we wouldn’t have been able to make this huge change for the better.“

Mike Kennedy, CFO, Muscular Dystrophy Association

“Certinia gives us a lot more flexibility to meet our customers’ needs. We now have much more visibility into customer data, metrics and day-to-day operational insights. It’s a game changer.”

Daniel Menkins, Salesforce Supply Chain Product Owner, CBTS

“Compared to the competition, Certinia works seamlessly with Salesforce, making it more of a one-stop-shop for all departments.”

Bailey Dbouk, Sales Operations Analyst, 1E

“PSA has been amazing for us – and if your CFO is saying that we made his life easier and he wants more – that’s all you need as a CIO.”

Tony Sorensen, Vice President and Head of IT, Five9

“Certinia enables us to consistently deliver standardized and simplified services to our customers.”

Adam Jones, Strategist, HPE Pointnext Services Delivery

“FullCRM chose Certinia for two main reasons. The first one is scalability. We are able to grow our consultancy without any changes to the system. The other reason was Einstein Analytics. We are now able to predict what our resources are doing from month to month.”

Helen Peterson, Managing Director, FullCRM

“Most customers don’t want to worry about back-end systems, but they want them to be reliable, scalable, and they want their supporting partner to understand them.”

Mark Conklin, Senior Director of Operations Systems & Tools, Salesforce

“Simple tools cannot solve complex problems. But the sophistication of Certinia allows for solving complex problems. The reward at the end of that can be very powerful.”

Tyler Flora, Senior Director, Professional Services, Avalara

“With Certinia, we now have a fully automated snapshot of our customer portfolio.”

Lori Williams SVP, Global Customer Success, Traction on Demand

“I love how customizable this platform is for our organization. Everyone from sales, human resources and our project managers to accounting and our executive team are benefiting from our real-time data. As a result, we are on track for continuing our double-digit growth.”

Jim Topich, Senior Vice President, Kinetic Vision