PSA in Action



Built entirely on the number one business cloud platform from Salesforce, Certinia provides you with a seamless and fully integrated process from sales, opportunity management, and project delivery, right through to service management.

Any modern professional services organization will focus on some key metrics, such as increasing win rates and optimizing utilization. For the next couple of minutes, we will show you how Certinia’s Professional Services Automation solution will enable you to achieve these objectives and thereby deliver a more profitable business and improve customer satisfaction.

Here’s how it works: The Salesforce cloud platform provides your enterprise with a single unified technology infrastructure for all your applications. It acts as a foundation across your organization to smoothly manage multiple end-to-end business processes.

Using this platform, applications from Salesforce, and Certinia combine seamlessly to provide one integrated user experience. It starts with the Salesforce marketing and sales cloud that combine to capture the initial customer interactions, and then manages all elements of the relationship through to successful acquisition.

At the opposite end of the customer journey, once the project has been successfully completed, Salesforce service cloud manages all of the service and maintenance contracts and supports ongoing service desk operations. However, there can be a problem. For some organizations, all of the project-based activity that completes the process is carried out on systems that air off the Salesforce platform, and it leaves a gap. This can result in disconnected processes and data being held in multiple systems, including spreadsheets.

As a result, these disparate processes can often be inefficient or even manual. Information may be duplicated, and this could lead to errors. Projects can become difficult to track, resource, and manage. Management information might be fragmented and of poor quality, compromising good decision-making. It becomes difficult to manage and communicate across the whole project team, including customers and partners. And, in addition, having to integrate multiple different applications can be costly and difficult to maintain.

This is where FinanceForce Professional Services Automation, or PSA, is able to help. PSA is able to complete the customer journey on platform, delivering seamless, complete, and efficient business process across your projects with complete visibility. Certinia PSA gives you full control of your professional services business, and helps you to ensure that you have the right people on the right projects, at the right price, at the right time.

Our Professional Services Automation solution completes the whole order to service business process by involving services in the opportunity to ensure the project is resourced, and managed from conception to close.

Certinia PSA ensures success from sales kickoff to project go live, delivering on-time and on-budget. It empowers you to analyze project profitability and optimize utilization rates while continuously improving customer satisfaction. In addition, if required, this can be completed with a comprehensive Certinia billing and revenue management capability that can be seamlessly integrated in as well.