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Customer-Centric ERP

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Hi! I am Estefania. I am your tour guide today.

Here's a glimpse at the features you're about to see and how they can help you manage the entire 'Opp to Renewal' process.

  • Pre-Sales
  • Fulfillment
  • Billing & Receivables
  • Procurement
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Reporting

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Enjoy the tour. And you can also chat with a specialist about your specific needs.

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Master customer record

It all starts at the opportunity-level. Share one customer master record across all departments. Know any and all account activity and when to act on it.

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Build the right deals

Empower sales teams to efficiently price and quote goods and services.

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Stay in the loop

Easily monitor status of account and adjust quote based on account activity. Spot upsell opportunities with current customers.

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Order & inventory management

Simplify the order and fulfillment of both goods and services.

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1-click order creation

Create sales orders directly and automatically from quotes.

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No inventory mishaps

Get real-time views into inventory availability and avoid inventory commitment issues.

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Item management

Get the controls to keep inventory organized and stock replenished.

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Billing & receivables

Create one billing center for the front and back office—no costly integrations, no lost data.

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Multiple billing models

Support billing based on products, subscriptions, projects, and usage-based models.

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Configurable plans

Package subscriptions with products and adjust pricing structures with ease. Manage even the most complex contract in one closed-loop process.

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Billing insight

See your customer’s credit standing and targeted collection tasks.

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Single source of truth

Easily monitor status of accounts, answer any customer question, and make collections a team sport.

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Get visibility and control over the entire procure-to-pay process for both indirect and direct spend.

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Control costs

Enforce spend policies with workflows and approvals.

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End contract leakage

Leverage Supplier Agreements to prevent contract leakage.

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Accounting & finance

The simple yet sophisticated app that accommodates your most diverse and complex financial needs.

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Revenue management

Recognize multiple revenue streams from a single solution.

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No more spreadsheets

Automate complex revenue calculations and allocations.

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Spot-on forecasting

Get a complete view of your revenue forecast - in summary or item by item.

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Painless audits

Reduce costs and boost confidence with built-in best practices, reconciliations, and audit trails.

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Global support

Support the global business with multi-entities, multi-currency, taxes, VAT, and more.

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Advanced functionality

For more advanced accounting needs or as you grow, take advantage of allocations, transaction reconciliation, intercompany processing, and more.

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Resource Management

Get the insight and visibility you need to help forecast, plan, manage your resources more effectively. Increase utilization without overworking staff.

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Resource planner

See and understand all aspects of your resources — project time, PTO, non-billable time — to optimize staffing.

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Project Management

A single view of every project you're managing to keep them on task, budgets in line, and all stakeholders informed.

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Data visualizations

Interactive Gantt allows you to visualize project plans, dependencies, and timelines.

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Built-in communities

Share project information–documents, billing, planners, etc.–with clients and partners in a real-time, branded community all without updating another tool.

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Project Financials

Get powerful forecasting and analytics tools to give more control and predictability over everything involved in the ever changing services economy.

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Time & expense management

Highly configurable and easy-to-use. Time and expense entry rates speed up, administrative time goes down.

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Powered by Einstein

Slice and dice millions of transactions instantly and get the data you need to see the future and plan with confidence.

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Out of the box reporting

Get both global and detailed views into your revenue, spend, and profitability, supporting multi-company and multi-currency scenarios.

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Metrics at your fingertips

Configurable to your specific business needs, get instant access to critical metrics.

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Advanced visualizations

Use geomaps, treemaps, and bubble charts to make multi-dimensional analysis easy to read.

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Powerful forecasting

Easily surface and manage KPIs. See everything across project and services delivery and plan with confidence.

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Smart capacity planning

View and better understand all aspects of a resource schedule to better predict needs and optimize staffing.

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Backlog visibility

Build staffing models geared to drive higher margins, quicker delivery, and customer satisfaction.

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Billings forecasting

View your forecast at any point and always get the most up-to-date actuals and assignments.

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Thanks for your time today

We’ve reached the end of our tour. You’ve just seen how our cloud-based customer-centric ERP allows you to manage your financials, services, support and customers - all in one integrated cloud ERP solution. Ready to get started?