Cloud accounting case studies

Top case studies for cloud accounting

While hardly news, more companies are discovering that traditional bookkeeping, on varied offline products are no longer sufficient enough to meet their clients’ needs. As business and accounting needs and functions change, more real-team interactions are required. With cloud accounting software, your business can best serve its clients while also taking care of all of its financial tasks.

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Cloud accounting software includes advanced systems like a single ledger design and a multidimensional charts, that give you real-time visibility to help you shorten period close cycles.

Certinia Accounting is easy to access from any device with an Internet connection and is extremely user-friendly. It’s scalable, cost effective and easy to use. Many Certinia customers have expressed their successes after integrating Certinia cloud accounting systems. Many firms share their stories about how their bookkeeping and accounting functions needed to be updated to meet client needs and increase their bottom line.

Results from Certinia cloud accounting case studies:

  • With accounting on the Salesforce platform every customer interaction is held in a central repository giving the finance team power to better serve the customer
  • Invoicing processes now faster and accurate, speeding up collection cycle and improving cash flow
  • Timecards are now approved monthly allowing remaining scheduled hours to be updated
  • Teams can now view billings, current margins, baseline margin to help keep projects on budget and on track
  • Managers are able to see what sales has in the pipeline and ensure that information is accurate and updated

Explore cloud accounting case studies to see what happened when customers switch to cloud accounting.

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