Fixed Asset Accounting

Ensure accurate and compliant results for your fixed asset accounts

Fixed asset accounting is a necessity, particularly for growing businesses. Spreadsheets are a common fixed asset management tool among many large organizations but they are labor intensive, and often do not track the location, and depreciation status of assets. You can now eliminate the challenges of managing your fixed assets using outdated legacy systems. Get Certinia.

Is your company looking to improve your fixed asset accounting?

Certinia fixed asset management generates the depreciation schedule of an asset, reduces closing time and optimizes tax benefits. With Certinia, your organization can easily locate and manage assets throughout the entire lifecycle, and access procurement information straight from the asset record. You get accurate and compliant results, with the traceability as well as time-sensitive depreciation.

Benefits of fixed asset accounting with Certinia

  • Track asset deployment including asset relationships
  • Maintain warranty information
  • Easily attach documentation associated to the asset (pictures, warranty agreements)
  • Supports multiple depreciation methods: Straight Line, Alternate Straight Line, Double Declining Balance, Units-of-Production, Sum of the Years Digits
  • Calculates extensible depreciation schedules
  • Allow you to create your own custom depreciation schedule

Get complete asset visibility from procurement to disposal with Certinia.

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