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Get real-time financial analysis and flawless bookkeeping with small business accounting software from Certinia

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Certinia is changing the way small business accounting is done with better automation, increased visibility and more sophisticated accounting tools built natively on the Salesforce1 cloud platform.

According to the Washington, D.C.-based National Small Business Association, small businesses spend nearly 150 hours a year on tax-related drudgery. That includes maintaining their accounting records and books, staying up to date on the latest regulations, and filling out dozens of different forms. We don’t know about you, but that’s an entire month of effort that we feel would be better served growing your business.

Small business accounting doesn’t have to be a house of tortures. With Certinia’s small business accounting software, accounting tasks become automated, budgets are calculated for you and accounts payable is streamlined.

Tax and accounting experts who understand small- and medium-sized businesses helped develop and build Certinia’s small business accounting software. We’ve identified accounting bottlenecks dealing with record keeping, analytics and invoicing, and then used that knowledge to automate these processes like never before.

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Embrace new business models with confidence with cloud-based billing from Certinia. Both powerful and agile, this solution is designed to support even the most complex contracts in one closed-loop process. Centralize any combination of billing models with recurring or non-recurring revenue on a single platform. And create one billing center for both the front and back office without costly integrations or lost data.

Benefits of Small Business Accounting with Certinia

Certinia’s small business accounting software is powerful enough to automatically calculate due dates, payments and year to date budgets. In the accounting world, anything that can be done to reduce human error is a godsend. With clean, organized records prepared, the chances of an audit are dramatically reduced. And on the off chance you are audited, you can clear the mess up quickly – as if it never even happened.

Visibility and communication matters when it comes to organizing a company’s accounts. Departments that are connected by disparate systems and software won’t work as a cohesive unit. To combat this, we built the small business accounting software in the cloud. That means companies get real-time reporting and updated budgets across departments.

Secondly, Certinia’s accounting tools are built on the same platform as Salesforce CRM, giving thousands of companies the ability to connect their back-end accounting processes to their front-end CRM system. Imagine keeping your sales department, customer service department and accounting department all on one consolidated platform. Not only would your company be communicating faster than ever,they’d also have access to all of the same, updated information, all available at a glance.

It’s tricky running a small business on limited resources. And stretching those resources depends on how smart a company is at automating its systems and eliminating communication barriers. With Certinia’s small business accounting app, your finances are organized, your company gains increased visibility, and you’re free to pursue other tasks during tax season—like growing your business.

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