Cloud Billing for Service Companies

Is your service based business looking for some billing solutions? Is your billing team lacking the resources they need in order to better communicate across all of your company departments? You need Certinia Billing Central.

Interested in learning more about billing management?

Certinia will help your billing team by improving the operational processes involved in every billing transaction. Billing Central operates on the Salesforce platform, giving you a unified solution for all your billing needs. This means everyone is connected and in the loop from start to finish. With Certinia you get unified billing operations, revenue recognition and accounting operations.
Certinia Billing Central is your go-to if you would like to:

  • Connect your billing data across all your apps
  • Give your team the ability to share one customer master record across departments
  • Establish an end-to-end audit trail
  • Empower your billing team to answer any customer questions

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Subscription and Usage Billing – Watch Now

Embrace new business models with confidence with cloud-based billing from Certinia. Both powerful and agile, this solution is designed to support even the most complex contracts in one closed-loop process. Centralize any combination of billing models with recurring or non-recurring revenue on a single platform. And create one billing center for both the front and back office without costly integrations or lost data.