Inventory Management Solutions

Is your business having a hard time with inventory management? Any organization that carries an inventory of products needs to maintain accurate information on all of their items to best serve its customers and run a profitable business. Whether you need to manage one supply chain or multiple warehouses, Certinia is here to help.

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Certinia Inventory Management Solutions

Our complete inventory management solutions are built on the Salesforce platform, giving you access to customized reports, intuitive dashboards, and real-time data movement across your entire inventory and organization. We ensure the speed, optimization, and automation necessary to succeed and thrive in this growing industry.

Benefits of Inventory Management Solutions

Certinia allows you to:

  • View inventory levels across multiple warehouses in multiple currencies at the actual cost
  • Integrate cycle counting into daily warehouse activities
  • Automate supply requisitions using safety stock, reorder points and acquisition lead time

From every truck to the stockroom, Certinia simplifies, optimizes and leverages inventory data across the entire organization. We will provide the inventory management solutions to allow you to know what you’ve got in store, what you can sell, and what’s on the way.

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