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With today’s cloud technology boost, companies have an advantage and access to resources that they’ve never had before. With the ability to streamline processes and access data in real-time, companies can stay on top of their competition and continue to promote their business goals. With enterprise resource planning software and customer relationship management software, your business has the power to control its own success.

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What is ERP CRM Software?

ERP software is designed to make a company’s management processes more effective and efficient. ERP handles all of the key functions of your company such as accounting, services delivery, inventory and HR in order for you to focus on the data. With the latest ERP software, businesses can automatically receive real-time information about all their departments.

As for your customers, that’s what CRM software is for. CRM systems manage customer information and capture all relevant details for the company. A CRM system captures all the information about a customer and automatically manages it so that companies can build their customer relationships in order to increase customer loyalty and revenue.

Benefits of Certinia ERP & Salesforce CRM Software

Your company deserves to have access to both ERP and CRM software to manage necessary business processes. ERP CRM software integration ensures that your customers’ expectations, and your company goals, are met.

If you’ve heard of Salesforce CRM, and Certinia ERP systems, then you’re already halfway to running all your business systems on the number one cloud platform – the Salesforce platform. With the integration of Certinia ERP and Salesforce CRM, you allow your business teams, in any department, to work together seamlessly.

Remember that having a customer service department and only using CRM software is not enough today. Customer facing processes, especially those that cross the world of CRM and ERP, need to be flawless in order to satisfy you and your customer’s expectations.

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Certinia ERP is a customer-centric, end-to-end enterprise resource planning solution built on the Salesforce platform. By keeping the focus on the customer, Certinia, helps companies accelerate high growth, deliver maximum value and increase efficiencies.