How Certinia Financial Management Works

How Certinia Financial Management Works To Make Profitability Everyone’s Business

It is hard to keep a financial department let alone your business as a whole connected and on the same page. It is important that your teams work together to create an atmosphere of focusing on the same goals, that is why Certinia works to make profitability everyone’s business.

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Certinia ensures all of your teams stay connected. With ViewThru™ sub-analyzer codes, we transform Salesforce objects to become part of your General Ledger and surface the data across your business. Certinia Financial Management is the only software you will ever need for all of your accounting and financial business needs.

Certinia Financial Management ensures that your teams have:

  • Better tools and templates to generate financial statements
  • Real-time financial analysis
  • Access to complete complex revenue calculations
  • Ability to link Salesforce objects to your General Ledger
  • Ability to surface financial data from any object into any layout

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Certinia ERP is a customer-centric, end-to-end enterprise resource planning solution built on the Salesforce platform. By keeping the focus on the customer, Certinia, helps companies accelerate high growth, deliver maximum value and increase efficiencies.