Consultant time tracking

Why consultant time tracking matters

When consultants don’t capture time and expenses, you pay for it

Consultant time needs to be accounted for quickly, accurately, conveniently. Certinia Professional Services Automation (PSA) offers highly configurable and easy-to-use time and expense management. Expedite billing cycles, reduce revenue leakage, and produce happier teams.

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Consultant time tracking has never been easier

Tracking your employees’ time is vital to running an efficient and productive services business. Certinia PSA goes far beyond just reporting and tracking consultant’s time. Our consultant time tracking functionality empowers your team to enter time from anywhere, tied to a specific project.

Speedy approvals and personalization

Personalized for each user and easy to enter, your time and expense entry rates speed up, administrative time goes down. It also empowers managers to approve from anywhere there as well, in email, in Chatter feeds or manually viewing a timecard.

  • Seamlessly update time for assignments and tasks in one place
  • User friendly — copy from schedules or previous weeks
  • Save time and speed up reimbursements
  • Tracking and monitoring consultant time and attendance has never been easier.

Professional Services Automation Tour – Video ansehen

Certinia Professional Services Automation (PSA), Rang 1 auf G2, nutzt die Leistungsfähigkeit von Salesforce CRM und der Salesforce-Plattform. Verschaffen Sie sich einen beispiellosen Überblick über Ihr Geschäft in den Bereichen Vertrieb, Dienstleistungserbringung und Finanzen. Halten Sie Projekte pünktlich, Kunden zufrieden und Berichte auf dem neuesten Stand – alles auf einer integrierten Plattform.