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Salesforce project and resource management apps for services companies are driving growth through communication, collaboration and unparalleled visibility

Services companies reliant upon inaccurate spreadsheets and aging software have found an alternative in cloud-based resource management

The services industry has tremendous opportunity for growth in the coming years. It’s also expected to change in ways we can’t even anticipate yet. The likeliest means of capturing these growth opportunities and staying ahead of the learning curve is to take advantage of highly automated, highly scalable cloud-based applications. And if you’re one of the growing number of businesses using a platform like Salesforce for your CRM, then you’re already on the right track.

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Take project management for example. Today’s service companies are dealing with larger projects than ever before. As these companies look to new ways of adding value to their services business, they must be able to visualize the entire project from inception to completion. That means having highly detailed charts and graphs, comprised of accurate, real-time data. At the same time, project managers need to be able to pull up their human resources quickly and allot those resources to new projects as they arise.

The human role in project and resource management

“Human” is a key word here. Project management can’t even begin to function properly without your entire team sharing the big picture. This is where collaboration comes into play. With a powerful project management app, individual employees gain access to their own metrics and dashboards, allowing them to view their progress and see what’s ahead. Meanwhile, management can gauge where their employees need the most help, and even better, identify employee strengths and add them onto key project positions.

Of course, managing your human resources across projects is critical to success, but it’s just one kind of resource that needs to be properly managed. This is where additional resource management apps will come in handy, such as Salesforce apps that deal specifically with resource management.

Resource management apps must be able to organize the availability of a service company’s resources, and that organization needs to be intuitive enough to understand immediately. The Certinia resource management app, for instance, can break down resources by region, group, project, and by many other means, all while allowing a user to schedule those resources accordingly as well.

Organizing and scheduling those resources, however, means nothing without the ability to communicate resource requirements across a company’s departments. Spreadsheets, which must be updated manually and may not even be accurate, are kept separately by departments and limited in their ability to communicate needs across the company.

Cloud-based apps relieve this issue by providing a single platform for all departments to interact on. Sales departments, for example, can anticipate resource requirements and share them with service members, who can act accordingly and provide those resources before problems arise. And of course, with Salesforce, companies can access a truly unified system where both their CRM and backend resource management systems are interconnected, providing unprecedented new levels of collaboration for businesses.

The singular focus of any service company is its customers. And regardless of whether that company deals in healthcare, real estate, hospitality, finance, or elsewhere, it’s going to need a lot of help managing its assets, projects and resources—all to ensure their customers receive the fastest service and the most consistent communication possible.

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