Time Tracking Software

Are you a project manager that is struggling to keep track of your team members’ time? Or are you head of your HR department? We know that it’s difficult to manage customer expectations, manage multiple projects and keep track of time. Certinia ERP applications can be your solution! We provide a range of tools and options to help you communicate with your team, and keep accurate time cards and expense reporting.

Time tracking software can create timesheets, which will help you with cost budgeting, and payroll at the end of the month. Our applications will make sure that you stay on top of your employees’ time and that they receive proper pay for the time they worked on their tasks and projects.

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Key benefits of our time tracking project management software include:

  • Increased ability to make informed decisions
  • More accountability
  • Better insights, beyond projects
  • Create automatic approval processes to minimize the cost of absences
  • Innovative features that help you manage time tracking to avoid failing governmental regulations

Time tracking software is beneficial to businesses of all sizes and industries. Take a look at Certinia to learn about what our ERP applications can do for your business, whether you have hourly employees or those who are full time. We have the time tracking software app for you.

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