Resource Management for SaaS Companies

Take Advantage of Cloud Resource Management for SaaS Companies

Are you looking for a cloud-based resource management application that will provide you with an integrated database in order to make your SaaS company more efficient? Are you interested in seamless integration into your cloud-based CRM platform that will allow you access to company-wide resource data while getting rid of an expansive, on-premises server?

Certinia PSA combines the power of the Salesforce platform with an innovative system that meets the evolving needs for resource management for SaaS Companies. The platform helps build unequaled trust and satisfaction through visibility, seamless communications, rapid response, and problem solving. More than 2,200 vertical and complementary applications (listed on the AppExchange) can integrate with Certinia to provide your business with the ability to:

  • Get real-time analytics on your mobile
  • View resource availability across your business
  • Filter views to narrow down to resources in a region, group, project or a single resource
  • Drill into resource schedules to see and edit detail
  • Work from anywhere with mobile apps for fast approvals, expenses and timecards
  • Eliminate error-prone and time-intensive spreadsheets

To learn more about Certinia Resource Management, download the datasheet or watch the product video tour.