Service Business Accounting Software

Handling your Service Business Accounting the Smart Way

Handling a service business is difficult enough, and choosing an accounting software should be the least of your worries. Certinia is changing the way project accounting is done. With better automation, increased visibility and more accounting tools built natively on the Salesforce platform, all of your accounting needs can be handled efficiently on the cloud.

  • Get rid of old, traditional systems where multiple people are updating different versions of the same spreadsheet
  • Don’t let anything get lost in translation – your entire company database can look at the same data
  • Processes become more efficient, periods close faster, and financial reporting is better than ever
  • Deliver financial reporting and metrics straight from any of your browsers, tablets or mobile devices

As a service business, you want to do anything to reduce human error. With automated accounting records prepared, the chances of mistakes are dramatically reduced.

Using Certinia Project Accounting for your service business accounting software lets you access a comprehensive view of finances related to all your projects at any time and make swift adjustments as they’re needed.Our goal is help you grow your business, so let us. See Certinia PSA in action to see how we can get your the best software for your service business.