ASC 606 Compliance

Effortless ASC 606 Compliance

If you are a company struggling with some of the compliance challenges that the new ASC 606 revenue recognition rules will present, you aren’t alone! If you are looking for top RevRec software with efficient, easy-to-use revenue recognition technology to better help you comply with the new rules, look into Certinia.

Certinia will help your business get in compliance with ASC 606. If you are starting to worry about the people power required to take care of these compliance rules or you feel uneasy about your ability to source the required data, you can rely on Certinia. With Certinia, you are compliant and in total control – effortlessly.

Does your company need help with revenue recognition?

Certinia will allow you to:

  • Link revenue recognition entries tightly to source data
  • Process multi-element arrangements efficiently
  • Derive revenue forecasting with both recognized and projected values
  • Provide complete revenue visibility

Get rid of your compliance headache. Get Certinia Revenue Recognition. Contact us today!

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CPQ Software

Centralize revenue streams in a single revenue recognition solution. Get compliant with the new ASC 606 & IFRS 15 standards. Automate calculations, reduce your period-end close and gain a complete picture of your organization’s revenue – both recognized and deferred.