Subscription Revenue Recognition

Increase Visibility and Accuracy of Your Revenue Data

Are you spending too much time entering data into huge, multi-row documents to recognize revenue? The transition from traditional to recurring revenue models – such as subscriptions and pay-as-you-go – comes with a range of new billing and revenue recognition challenges. Automating revenue recognition can save you valuable time, increase the visibility and accuracy of your revenue data, and eliminate the costly mistakes made when utilizing spreadsheets. Enter

Certinia Revenue Recognition Management can simplify your tasks. Rather than manually entering and re-entering data into spreadsheets, you can simply link all of your financial data onto the Salesforce platform. Our revenue recognition system ensures data integrity, eliminates manual processing issues and creates direct links for audit trails. What used to be time-consuming is now easy with Certinia. Our Financial Management systems make managing revenues easy.

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Certinia Revenue Recognition Management lets you:

  • Handle recurring (subscription) and nonrecurring revenue
  • Add built in pricing algorithms support multiple types of pricing
  • Have options that are rule based, and can have recurring or nonrecurring fees associated to them
  • Easily differentiate items by categories or to simplify pricing at a group level
  • Get visibility to original and current contract value to analyze total contract valuations
  • Establish the criteria for proper revenue recognition

With Certinia, financial management is both flexible and intuitive. You can easily provide your accounting teams with the financial information they need to make better financial decisions anytime, anywhere, across the organization.

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Centralize revenue streams in a single revenue recognition solution. Get compliant with the new ASC 606 & IFRS 15 standards. Automate calculations, reduce your period-end close and gain a complete picture of your organization’s revenue – both recognized and deferred.