Customer-Centric ERP for the Tech Sector



Hello. For the next few minutes, we would like to show you how your business can turn the back office into a platform for growth, run more predictable business operations and maximize your customers’ lifetime value. Built entirely on the number one business cloud platform from Salesforce, Certinia helps you connect your front and back office, enabling a seamless handoff from sales, to service delivery, to finance. Easily automate any and all revenue streams as your business grows. Leverage the best-in-class Professional Services Automation to ensure that you deliver on-time and on-budget, and view everything through a lens that offers the most intelligent analytics.

The Salesforce cloud platform can be deployed across your organization as one application infrastructure to seamlessly manage multiple end-to-end business processes. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud captures the initial customer interactions and touch points, and Salesforce Sales Cloud then manages the same customer relationships through the sales cycle to customer acquisition.

The Configure Price Quote – or CPQ capability from Salesforce – can complete the sales process, ensuring you quote and sell what the customer wants. At the opposite end of the customer journey, Salesforce Service Cloud manages in-life contracts and Service Desk Operations. Service Cloud could be integrated directly into field operations where the Field Service Lightning from Salesforce manages engineers in the field.

Typically, the communication between sales, service delivery, and finance takes place off the Salesforce platform, resulting in different data residing in multiple systems – or worse, multiple spreadsheets. This is inefficient, requires manual work, and leads to costly integrations. Finance teams work independently of customer-facing teams, and revenue can become difficult to recognize, impacting an organization’s bottom line. Projects can be difficult to track, resource, and manage. Data can become siloed and difficult to report upon.

This is where Customer-Centric ERP from Certinia is able to bridge the gap. Delivering a seamless, more efficient business process with complete visibility of the customer lifecycle. Our Financial Management solution enables you to streamline, simplify, and all to make your financial operations – including all back office accounting and cash collection. Tackle routine tasks in a few clicks while generating real-time financial analysis and compliance reports, all with context around the customer, with sales and finance working from a single customer record.

Our Professional Services Automation solution forms part of the overall ERP solution and enables service deals and projects to be constructed, resourced, and managed from conception to close.

Certinia PSA ensures success from sales kickoff to project go live, and empowers you to analyze project profitability whilst continuously improving customer satisfying.

When a project is being delivered, there are often complex billing issues around milestones and billing events. Our Subscription & Usage Billing solution consolidates and simplifies invoicing and billing, automating complex processes. However, it doesn’t stop at project billing. Our solution also enables you to easily manage complex contracts and create highly customizable invoices with different pricing models. With the need to recognize revenue and adapt to ever-evolving compliance regulations, our Revenue Recognition and Forecasting solution allows you to centralize revenue streams in a single solution. Get compliant with the new standards – such as IFRS 15 and ASC 606, automate calculations, reduce period-end close, and get a complete picture of your revenue – both recognized and deferred. With all this activity on a single platform, Certinia allows you to capture and analyze more accurate data than ever, empowering you to make smarter, more informed business decisions.

Certinia Analytics, powered by Salesforce Einstein, analyzes your single dataset across the customer lifecycle, delivering unique business insights to help you make more accurate and profitable decisions.

Finally, you can make sure to drive even more successful services engagements with a community-based approach to Service Delivery – granting both internal and external stakeholder groups visibility into projects. Our Communities for finance allows you to give customers easy access to their accounts and data – such as sales invoices, credit notes, payments, and more. This creates a seamless experience for the customer, driving satisfaction and engagement, and reducing the possibility of customer churn.

With the only customer-centric ERP from Certinia, you can run all your business processes on one platform, turning your back office into a platform for growth, helping you run more predictable business operations, and maximizing your customer’s lifetime value.

FCR Media, Methods, Worldline, and Salesforce are just a few businesses today leveraging the power of Certinia.

Find out more about how Certinia accelerates business value with comprehensive best practices and the most intelligent analytics, all on the leading business cloud platform from Salesforce: visit