Unlock Customer Insights & Create Your Path to Untapped Opportunity: Here’s How


If you are relying on disparate systems and multiple spreadsheets to deliver services to your customers, chances are high your organization is leaving money on the table—wasting time with data entry or managing against multiple definitions of the truth. Milestones slip, forecasts change, handoffs are dropped, and most often, estimates don’t match what is actually delivered.

Industry speakers from TSIA, Certinia, Salesforce, Bishop Fox, and Diabsolut explore how integrated customer processes provide a single source of truth, unifying the customer experience across your front and back office applications to deliver key actionable insights. In turn, businesses are able to reduce manual efforts, eliminate revenue leakage, and accelerate growth, all while keeping everyone on the same page.

Key focus areas and takeaways will include:

  • The power of unified systems and data to achieve actionable customers insights
  • Best practices and proven strategies from leading service providers
  • How to keep your sales, service delivery, operations and finance on the same page
  • Tips to improve your forecasting ability and reduce revenue leakage