High-tech firm 1E chooses Certinia over Kimble and SAP for greater ROI

Compared to the competition, Certinia works seamlessly with Salesforce, making it more of a one-stop shop for all departments.

Bailey Dbouk, Sales Operations Analyst, 1E
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Key Benefits:

90%+ Improvement in data accuracy

75% Reduction in time to month-end close

1 source of truth

Hamstrung by manual processes

When they began feeling restricted by their own internal processes, the team at 1E knew their systems needed an overhaul. Relying on a portal not integrated with key systems, they wasted time on duplicative data entry efforts. Too much time spent manually filing project details and matching up expenditures made it difficult to gain control over project resourcing and execution. Moreover, the company was limited when it came to timesheets and approvals, and lacked essential project-driven reporting and mobile support.


Having recently invested in the Salesforce platform, 1E was driven to find the best complement for its record of sales and services data. After comparing Certinia against Kimble and SAP, the company decided Certinia Professional Services (PS) Cloud and Certinia ERP Cloud were the right fit for the growing organization.

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Working from the same Salesforce platform, 1E's professional services team is able to manage its processes on Certinia PS Cloud while the accounts payable team runs financials in Certinia ERP Cloud, making quote-to-cash a more fluid process.

By taking advantage of Certinia Premier Support, the 1E project management team was able to easily enable new features in Certinia PS Cloud. Project status summary and stages, billable and non-billable approval workflows, and complete project visibility empowered the team to improve day-to-day business operations.