Financial planning & analysis

Connected businesses are dynamic and planning should be too

Transform your budgeting process with a powerful, all-on-one platform FP&A solution that empowers teams to run a connected business.

Manage financials and accounting on the same platform as everything else

11 reasons to connect your ERP and CRM on the Salesforce platform

Financial planning & analysis

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One platform

Unified datasets

Deliver accurate plans with core financials and analytics, all on a single platform. Speed your planning cycles with a single source of certainty.

Scenario planning

Better planning, better outcomes

Quickly build multiple what-if scenarios using calculation rules and mass functions. Create dynamic plans and stress-test assumptions, so you can better anticipate how much to spend and where.

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More control

Take command of the planning process

Whether top down or bottom up, you can create effective plans without version control issues. Recommend different budget options to management with greater confidence.

Enterprise-wide collaboration

Finance as true strategic partners

Finance teams can present most likely business outcomes, avoid endless negotiations, and promote active participation from all corners of the business.