Optimize employee utilization

Improve staffing, strengthen project teams, and drive satisfaction

Your people are your greatest asset. Shouldn’t you be optimizing them to heighten customer outcomes? With Certinia, you can better understand resourcing and skill needs based on your actual project pipeline, then forecast, plan, and manage your resources with certainty.

Optimize employee utilization

Strong project teams

Choose the right resources

Staff your projects more intelligently and build stronger teams with best-fit resourcing based on criteria such as skills and experience, geography, certification, language, work history, etc.

Smarter deployment

Track availability and skills

Maximize utilization by reviewing and predicting resource capacity and demand. Deploy the right people to the right projects at the right time. Gain real-time visibility into performance and a clear understanding of who is over- or under-utilized.

Advanced analytics

Improve outcomes and profitability

With sophisticated resource and staffing analytics—featuring intuitive dashboards—you can perform real-time headcount planning, revenue forecasting, and strategic capacity selling. Balance resource utilization across even large resource pools.