Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) delivers global services with Certinia PS Cloud

HPE has continued to successfully deploy the new skills management platform within our PSA solution. As of today, we are deriving value across 5,800 users in 57 countries. This is a solid ROI for us as we are increasing resource utilization and improving time to staffing projects. We see this as a path to greater customer satisfaction and this is always our top priority.

Tom Boland, Senior Director of Global Workforce Management Account Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Challenges with project visibility

Prior to Certinia, HPE's service request management was done through highly manual worksheets, with no systematic data consolidation or mobility. Existing processes also didn't support end-to-end project management functionality, or the company's evolving portfolio complexity. Teams lacked visibility into projects and assigned resources, resulting in inconsistencies. Professional Services also had several separate systems, requiring HPE to spend time and money moving data around and training users.

With Certinia solutions, resources are automatically identified based on skills, location, and availability. Teams can easily scale project execution and improve customer intelligence by centralizing core data on one platform. Increased mobility and executive signoff capabilities has also driven seamless collaboration.

Now, HPE has the ability to deliver consistent and repeatable service execution—directly impacting customer satisfaction.