Ladd Partners

Ladd Partners Achieves 85% Utilization Goal with Certinia PS Cloud

My number one objective was to make sure we were at 85% utilization and to have the data to present to the rest of the executive team.

Jai-Lee Fontenot, Chief Operating Officer
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Key Benefits:

1 Source of Truth

85% Utilization Achieved

Real-Time Visibility

Ladd Partners is a Silicon Valley based Cloud CRM and ERP consulting practice specializing in Salesforce, Certinia and Rootstock implementations. They have successfully implemented CRM, PSA and ERP solutions on the Salesforce platform for almost 8 years spanning a wide range of industries from consulting to software to manufacturing. 

James Ladd, Co-Founder
James Ladd, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Ladd Partners, uses Certinia PS Cloud to monitor overall project profitability and make critical hiring decisions in a timely manner. James appreciates the ability to track new Opportunities from Lead through the sales cycle, to Delivery to Cash and operate the entire business all on the Salesforce platform using Certinia.

Jai-Lee Fontenot, Chief Operating Officer
Jai-Lee Fontenot, Chief Operating Officer at Ladd Partners, uses Certinia PS Cloud to run all aspects of services delivery for the company. Using PS Cloud, Jai-Lee is able to see project status, billings and resource utilization in real time, which allows him to make timely staffing decisions that optimize Ladd's resource utilization. Jai-Lee and his team appreciate the ability to run Operations and Accounting all on the same platform to get a full 360 view of Ladd's customers.

  • Industry: Professional Services
  • Company Size: Small
  • Headquarters: San Jose, CA
  • Products Used: PS Cloud