Keep projects profitable

Gain unmatched visibility into each project…and each project’s profitability

How do you know your projects are profitable from kick-off to completion? Do you know midway through the project, how profitable it will be? With Certinia, you can track a project’s path in real time and make course corrections that not only ensure, but optimize, profit margin.

Keep projects profitable

Services forecasting

See the whole picture

Share a single view with your customer, and ensure everyone is on the same page. Services forecasting gives you a central view into all projects, invoices, revenue, costs, and margin for each customer, providing a clear sight to profitability.

Capacity planning

Optimize your resources

Match the right person to the right project at the right time. By optimizing real-time, accurate resource utilization, you not only obtain revenue forecasts you can trust, but also achieve goals for organization profit and customer satisfaction.

Cost control

Protect profitability

View project financials such as revenue, bookings, backlog, billing, budgets, and rate realization. Monitor real-time updates to revenue estimates and project costs, and proactively resolve cost variances that threaten scheduled project revenue and margin.