Kinetic Vision

Kinetic Vision paves the way for unimpeded growth with Certinia on Salesforce

I love how customizable this platform is for our organization. Everyone from sales, human resources and our project managers to accounting and our executive team are benefiting from our real-time data. As a result, we are on track for continuing our double-digit growth.

Jim Topich, Senior Vice President, Kinetic Vision

Key Benefits:

33% faster month-end close

90% faster invoicing

Real-time project visibility

Digital transformation for sustainable speed and productivity to scale

An industry leader in multiple categories, Kinetic Vision serves over 50 of the Fortune 500 companies as a collaborative partner focused on their success. In addition to expertise in smart product and medical device development, packaging innovation, product quality engineering, software/app development, and digital twin simulation, it developed a proprietary platform that trains and optimizes machine learning models.

As a fast-growing company, Kinetic Vision experienced the pain of manual processes and homegrown systems once it tripled in size. Every department struggled to efficiently handle basic tasks like project management, invoicing, and data management, needing to call upon multiple apps and colleagues to get work done. It was challenging to schedule projects, understand project status and profitability, and close every month in less than 15 days. Knowing this approach was unsustainable, the company decided to streamline its processes.

By implementing Certinia Financial Management and Certinia Professional Services (PS) Cloud, Kinetic Vision gained the simplicity, visibility, and flexibility needed to continue on its growth path unimpeded.


The combined power and synergies of the Certinia and Salesforce platforms have enabled Kinetic Vision to deploy and automate best-in-class processes that deliver many benefits. In addition to paving the way for the company to easily maintain its ISO certification, the software empowers employees to access accurate, real-time data and quickly gain insight into project status and financial health.

Kinetic Vision has accelerated monthly close by approximately 33% and expects to drop it by another 80%. Hand in hand with this, invoicing happens nearly 90% faster and timecards are approved more quickly. The company can monitor projects in real time to efficiently keep them on track and get ahead of potential customer issues. It's also empowered to understand key metrics that improve resource optimization and hiring.

Certinia provides a platform to free the company's employees from repetitive tasks and gives them a seamless experience that allows them to spend more time on value-added activities. Kinetic Vision has standardized its proposal generation and enforces legal compliance now that all project scoping occurs within Certinia. The software also empowers them to more easily schedule and deliver projects within budget and on time.


Having Certinia during COVID helped Kinetic Vision weather one of the toughest situations the company is likely to face. In fact, even during this challenging time, the company received a glowing review from an auditor who said the company's Certinia-based ISO system is one of the best he's ever seen.

The company is currently implementing Certinia's Financial Management. This ERP software was a key reason Kinetic Vision chose Certinia PS Cloud, knowing it could support the company's continued evolution and growth.