Drive customer satisfaction

Connect and collaborate: All customer-related activities on a single platform

When a business uses multiple, disconnected systems to try to manage the customer journey, issues fall through the cracks—and customer dissatisfaction results. With Certinia as your single source of certainty, you can link all activities on a single platform, leading directly to higher customer satisfaction.

Drive customer satisfaction

Customer collaboration

Connect the dots

With a single digital customer record, every functional touchpoint connects to every other. The result is better customer/partner collaboration, so customers can quickly gain and provide information across departments.

Risk prediction

Stay on schedule

With a simple scheduling risk dashboard, project leaders can identify issues before they occur. They can track projects with a high likelihood of going off track, then plan alternatives at the earliest possible point.

Resource management

Staff to customer needs

Optimal talent deployment drives intelligent services businesses. When you start with customer needs and match resources with capabilities, you create more efficient staffing processes, stronger project teams, and higher customer satisfaction.