Improve cash flow

Invest in new opportunities, add needed resources, or expand operations

Cash flow is essential to running a successful services business. But in today’s economy, predictable, positive cash flow has become a lot harder to achieve. Certinia streamlines your cash flow, giving you flexibility to invest in your organization and capitalize on business opportunities.

Improve cash flow

Accurate forecasting

Predict the future

Stay a step ahead of your financial reports with more accurate real-time forecasting of cash inflows and outflows. Understand the impact of operational and financial changes, so you can make smarter decisions faster.

Optimized A/R

Streamline receivables

Delayed collections can mean the difference between expanding your business and putting growth plans on hold. Optimize your receivables with a single source of certainty across the entire customer billing lifecycle: invoicing, billing, and collections.

Cost efficiency

Better manage costs

When spend data is trapped in siloed systems, it’s nearly impossible to find potential cost savings. Discover insights-driven procurement and gain greater visibility into current spend and future obligations—and better manage costs.