Certinia AI

AI models that deliver real-world benefits to services businesses

Certinia AI combines machine learning models with an end-to-end AI platform for financial, accounting and operational data—enabling services businesses to achieve actionable, practical business benefits that show up on the bottom line.

Creating healthy customer relationships mean future business

Deliver with a unified view of your customers and business

Certinia AI offerings are based on three core values

Certinia AI is focused on more than just surfacing insights; it is about transforming insights into action in a pragmatic way. The environment in which Certinia AI operates must be a closed loop where repeatable insights are provided, with a sufficient degree of accuracy and at a reasonable level of effort to deploy.

Cash Flow Forecast

Improve DSO and cash flow

The Cash Flow Forecast solution leverages AI, distributed analytics and machine learning to identify each customer’s payment trends and predict their days-to-pay. You gain visibility into inflows and outflows for future cash flow predictions.

Schedule Optimization

Ensure on-time delivery

Schedule Optimization uses distributed analytics and ML models to identify possible project bottlenecks and roadblocks. Then it provides actionable insights and recommends proactive steps to keep projects running on schedule for on-time delivery.

Margin Optimization

Realize full profit potential

Margin Optimization is an early warning system that uses historical data and AI models to alert project managers of risks to planned margins, then recommends how to mitigate those risks and optimize percentage margin value.

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Estimate Optimization

Improve win rates

Services Estimate Optimization uses machine learning, what-if analysis, and historical results to predict win rates and improve the likelihood of capturing new business.

Certinia for Salesforce

A single source of certainty

Certinia is native to Salesforce–sharing the same customer record, user experience, and industry leading analytics as the world’s most trusted cloud business platform. Empower your teams with real-time collaboration across your entire services business and deliver truly differentiated customer experiences.