Services analytics

Intelligent, predictive, and actionable insights

Run a more predictable and efficient services business, tackle your most pressing challenges with confidence, and exceed customer expectations–using Certinia Services Analytics, powered by CRM Analytics.

Gain visibility across your entire business with a customer-centric PSA

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Services analytics

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Create certainty

Data-driven decisions

Achieve an instant, global view across every aspect of your services business. Get the data you need to optimize resource planning and enhance project profitability.

Future outlook

Spot-on revenue forecasts

Get unmatched visibility into every dollar recognized and dollar planned. Make critical decisions in an informed and predictable manner.

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Right resource, right time

Smart capacity planning

Better understand forward looking resource supply and demand across projects and opportunities to identify skill gaps, inform hiring decisions, and fully optimize your people’s time.

Master scheduling

Powerful backlog visibility

Build staffing models geared to drive higher margins, quicker delivery, and greater customer satisfaction.

Fast action

Predictive project management

Leverage the predictive capabilities of CRM Analytics to monitor and anticipate project performance and limit project overruns.