Deep Instinct Drives Consistency, Predictability and Reliability in Professional Services

“I inherited PS Cloud at a previous company and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It brought order, repeatability, predictability and certainty to what we were doing–and newfound visibility into how we were managing costs and controlling our billing process. When I joined Deep Instinct, I knew the Certinia solution’s advantages and productivity boost would enable me to immediately make an impact in my new organization.”

Ari Billauer, Global Director of Services Operations, Deep Instinct

Key Benefits:

45 hours down from 90 for average project timelines

4 hours to 25 seconds to build reports

100% ROI within 18 months

Deep Instinct was founded on a simple premise: that deep learning–an advanced subset of AI–could be applied to cybersecurity to prevent more threats, faster. As the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity, Deep Instinct protects against the most evasive unknown malware in real time across an organization’s endpoints, servers, and mobile devices.

With its professional services team using spreadsheets and documents to track projects and related spend, Deep Instinct struggled with cost control on its fixed-fee engagements. Just figuring out project status took 3-4 hours weekly, and project engagements lasted 90 hours on average–eroding the company’s profit margins. Based on his previous experience using Certinia PS Cloud, the company’s new Global Director of Services Operations recommended the solution as a way to track spend and boost productivity.

By consolidating on PS Cloud - purpose-built for services businesses – Deep Instinct was empowered to standardize its project methodology. Real-time visibility into projects and continuously improved processes enabled it to reduce average project timelines from 90 hours to 45 hours. That translates to more profitable projects along with faster results and higher satisfaction for customers.

Easily accessing accurate, timely project data enables collaborative best practices, such as ways to streamline projects. At the same time, Deep Instinct can build new projects in just 2-3 minutes. The resulting productivity improvement equates to efficiency and predictability across the business. For customers, this means clarity on how projects will unfold and progress.

With just the press of a button, Deep Instinct can generate a weekly report from Conga–which Certinia helped deploy–for the project review board. In just 25 seconds, the company can produce a report it previously took 3-4 hours to generate, providing key stakeholders across the business with insight into active professional services engagements. At the same time, PS Cloud enables the company to identify and track risks to project plans and, if necessary, budget for unplanned variances. 

Within 18 months, Deep Instinct achieved 100% ROI on its PS Cloud investment. With this foundation in place, it can reliably and predictably drive consistent performance and grow the business. Calling upon PS Cloud, Deep Instinct knows its project-related costs and is confident about aligning larger pipeline with its professional services capacity.