Kubrick Propels Rapid Expansion using PS Cloud and Accounting

We chose Certinia to give us the platforms we need to maintain our accelerated growth. With one source of truth, we can now optimize our resource management, realize a faster month-end process, and experience swift timesheet and invoice approvals. At the same time we are transforming the way we work to make things better for our colleagues, consultants and clients.

Richard Peers, Chief Technology Officer
A diverse team collaborating on a computer, engaged in productive work.

Key Benefits:

25% improvement in opportunity qualification

7% improvement in resource utilization

20% faster month-end close 

Kubrick enables organizations to accelerate delivery in critical data, AI, and cloud technology solutions as well as augment their in-house capability. By training their own workforce of next-gen tech specialists, they create a new pool of diverse talent who drive technology adoption, while empowering clients to retain consultants as full-time employees. 

In 2021, Kubrick was named the fastest-growing consultancy in Europe and the 17th fastest-growing company overall in the Financial Times 1000. With over 1,000 consultants helping drive high year-over-year growth, the company operates at breakneck speed. As is common in such cases, the company found itself hampered by siloed, manual processes across sales, delivery, and finance that caused friction in the customer experience. The company sought a platform to drive growth in its professional services operations – one that worked seamlessly within its new Salesforce platform. 

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With Certinia PS Cloud natively built on the Salesforce platform, Kubrick’s sales, professional services, and finance teams gain a single source of master customer data. All customer data is connected across opportunities, projects and billing, enabling streamlined workflows, real-time reporting, and a 360-degree view of customer interactions. 

Siloed processes and manual invoicing and timesheets are transformed into automated tasks that greatly enhance productivity while reducing operational costs and freeing employees to add more value for their consultants and customers. For instance, automated self-service timesheet approvals and fast invoice approvals reduce friction and enable 20% faster month-end close.

Through the resource optimization provided by Certinia, Kubrick can provide customers and consultants with more choice and flexibility. Consultants can influence their placements and Kubrick can best match consultants to customer preferences, enabling an anticipated 7% bench reduction. 

By transforming its processes and systems, Kubrick is better able to effectively manage its valuable people resources and projects and it can confidently pursue its ambitious growth goals. This strategy includes further expansion in the United States, enabled by connected data to enhance discussions and the ability to grow and retain customer engagements. At the same time, automated professional services empower Kubrick to more quickly introduce new pricing and delivery options to the market. Simply put, Kubrick is on track to more quickly grow its business and revenue around the world.

  • Industry: Technology Consultants
  • Company Size: Medium
  • Headquarters: London, England
  • Products Used: PS Cloud, Accounting