Siemens Digital Industries Software launches next-gen service automation powered by Certinia PS Cloud

We do implementation services for a living and the transition to Certinia PS Cloud was one of the most seamless cutovers we have experienced. We met every milestone, didn’t leave any revenue on the table, and are on pace to realize our full next-gen service automation vision.

Kurt Kuelz, Senior Vice President - Global Customer Outcomes, Siemens Digital Industries Software
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Key Benefits:

1 source of truth

Mobilized over 7,500 users

Managing over > 5,000 projects

With a global presence and the broadest software portfolio in the market, Siemens Digital Industries Software empowers companies across industries to optimize designs, efficiently manufacture products, and offer aftermarket services. The company helps clients realize maximum value from Siemens products through a robust portfolio of services including Digital Transformation Consulting Services, Implementation Services, Education Services, Engineering Services, and Cloud Managed Services.

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As Siemens experienced significant growth organically and through acquisitions, it was challenged to scale its services business and best practices while serving various industries, in multiple countries, across a broad suite of solutions. Regional divisions ran autonomously and on different processes, complicating the company’s professional services practice. Making matters worse, the existing on-premise professional services automation (PSA) platform that Siemens used wasn't designed to support multiple business models.

To enable its emerging lines of business to make informed business decisions and efficiently drive growth, Siemens decided to launch a next-gen service automation (NGSA) program. As part of that, it needed a PSA platform that supports all regions and makes it possible to harmonize operations globally on a standard set of business processes.

After an extensive evaluation of PSA providers, Siemens decided Certinia had the best vision and capabilities. The synergy between Certinia Professional Services Automation Cloud (PS Cloud) and Salesforce cemented the company’s decision since Siemens uses Salesforce extensively.

The Certinia platform enables Siemens Digital Industries Software to operationalize its newly defined global processes across its professional services business. With over 7,500 users seamlessly onboarded in 30+ regions distributed globally, Siemens expects to reduce the administrative and management overhead associated with its professional services. With seamless, automated processes in place, the company is empowered to redeploy resources to higher value-add activities. Plus, freed from managing disconnected systems and data, Siemens’ consultants can spend more time with customers.

By orchestrating harmonized processes across its multiple services lines, Siemens Digital Industries Software empowered its project managers to efficiently craft large customer engagements that are staffed and profitable. With better forward-looking views of business via PS Cloud, managers can better plan capacity and improve utilization across over 5,000 projects. The company has already expanded billable utilization because of PS Cloud, achieving its highest rate in seven years.

Because they’re in a position to understand data and trends, project managers can make the types of decisions that help Siemens improve business performance and ensure better customer outcomes. By providing project managers with consolidated data via PS Cloud, the company empowers them to quickly make smart business decisions without searching for and aggregating data. The dedication to achieving this mission is evident by the name of Siemens Digital Industries Software’s professional services team: “Global Customer Outcomes”.

Siemens beat its forecast and grew the business year over year after implementing Certinia and enabling its global processes as part of its professional services-driven transformation. By improving efficiency and profitability across its massive professional services organization, the company can in turn accelerate revenue recognition.

With PS Cloud in place, Siemens is also better positioned to achieve its vision of delivering a frictionless customer experience. Simply put, PS Cloud is a key factor in enabling Siemens to ensure all its teams work together seamlessly with customer success at the center of everything they do. This allows the company to further grow by encouraging repeat purchases and add-on services engagements.

Siemens’ ultimate vision is next-generation services automation that improves everything from opportunity management, bid creation and early resource planning through financial and project management, and revenue recognition. This end-to-end process transformation will enable the company to eliminate the silos between sales and service. This, in turn, will drive higher margins for its very large and complex service business, while positioning customers to succeed with Siemens software and services.

Along those lines, Siemens Digital Industries Software is confident about continually improving processes and efficiencies–and expanding business–by taking advantage of Certinia analytics. As part of realizing that vision, the company is committed to regularly adopting new Certinia releases so it can continually optimize its processes and business operations.