Salesforce accelerates project management by 10X

“Most customers don't want to worry about back-end systems, but they want them to be reliable, scalable, and they want their supporting partner to understand them.”

Mark Conklin, Senior Director of Operations Systems & Tools, Salesforce

Hindered by project disconnects

Prior to Certinia, Salesforce ran two disparate systems with no overall view into projects. Extracting key information was time consuming, and it became increasingly difficult to share real-time information across the business. Services Operations also acted as a single point of contact for all project queries, creating bottlenecks. After running NetSuite side-by-side with Certinia, Salesforce chose to move its entire professional services organization to Certinia Professional Services (PS) Cloud.

Key benefits:

  • 10x Faster project management
  • 100% Increase in project creation
  • 24/7 Real-time project statuses

Certinia supplies mission-critical tools to give Salesforce full visibility into the lifecycle of every project, in real-time, from initial sale all the way to the end execution. From assignments and resource requests to full-cycle budgeting, it's all there for every division so no project customization is necessary.


By automating project creation using Certinia PS Cloud, twice the number of projects are created in the system each day. Monthly utilization calculations are also generated in real-time versus two weeks—a 100% decrease in time.

Certinia's Resource Planner has, in turn, saved users several hours per week originally dedicated to data entry. Project managers have gained visibility into hours entered versus hours assigned—enabling them to adjust swiftly when budgets fall off track.

"We have built an incredible Certinia instance! Historically, the numbers are mind-blowing. In the last 3 years alone, we've integrated 10 companies, added 7000 users, managed revenue forecasts to 1% variance +/-, increased our sold roles by ~20K roles and ~14M billable hours. Once we launch the pricing tool in the app, with our other customizations, this instance will continue to be the premiere Certinia org."

Mark Conklin, Senior Director of Operations, Salesforce