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The 2024 Global Service Dynamics Report

How will professional services leaders earn a seat at the table?
What is defining utilization leaders over laggards?
Why is AI a top concern and not just opportunity?

Get the answers to these questions and much more in the just released 2024 Global Service Dynamic Report. Drawing from the perspectives of more than 1,000 services executives and leaders worldwide, this report is serving up fresh data and actionable insight to help you navigate the always-evolving landscape of professional services.

Whether it’s navigating economic fluctuations, overuse of spreadsheets, or missed opportunities in leveraging the power of technologies like AI, this report can serve as your guide.

Key coverage areas include:

  1. Biggest external challenges: Navigate current and future obstacles.
  2. Biggest internal challenges: Identify roadblocks and spot opportunities for growth.
  3. Key strategies & objectives: Uncover the secret ingredients for success.
  4. Technology trends & gaps: Understand the tech disparities separating leaders from laggards.

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A glimpse at what 1000+ services leaders are saying about the world of professional services:


believe the PSO is key to achieving strategic objectives


of PSOs
view services as a profit center


state AI and the economy are top concerns


still rely on spreadsheets which correlates to low utilization