10Fold Transforms Business with Certinia, Saves Jobs

As we continue to invest in Certinia, we look for the kinds of insights it can continue to deliver from a productivity perspective. What types of services are delivering an ROI? Which groups of staff need training? That's the kind of information that is invaluable to a services organization like ours.

Susan Thomas, CEO, 10Fold
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Key Benefits:

Real-time visibility 

Improved Resource Management 

No Integrations

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Susan Thomas is a B2B tech marketing executive best known for her ability to deliver creative thought leadership strategies to support high-growth companies. Founder of 10Fold, Susan built the agency to become one of the top 10 independently owned PR agencies on the West Coast focused on B2B deep technologies. Susan has won more than a dozen awards for her leadership and 10Fold has won more than 4 dozen awards of excellence. 10Fold’s past and present clients include AppDynamics, Brocade, Comcast, CA, Itron, Nimble Storage, Rockwell Automation, Seagate and Vodafone, as well as 400+ IPO-bound well-funded startups.