Ansarada closes revenue on day one with Certinia Accounting

Certinia integrates seamlessly with our business to drive a continuous accounting cycle.

Rachel Riley, CFO, Ansarada
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Key Benefits:

75% Faster time to invoice

3:1 From 3 financial platforms to 1

86% Faster revenue close rate

Struggling to scale

As Ansarada transformed to a platform-based business, it struggled to scale internal processes to support anticipated business growth. "We needed to evolve from month-end reporting, and empower our lean financial team to conduct robust financial planning and analysis," explains Ansarada CFO Rachel Riley.

Lack of integration between business systems and the finance system, however, forced the team to resort to manual processes for essential financial operations, including ensuring compliance with key regulations.

With Certinia Accounting, Ansarada's lean finance team gains clear visibility into finances and can easily handle more sophisticated finance operations to drive better cash flow.

Certinia's native Salesforce integration provides Ansarada with a powerful platform for agility and scalability on demand. As a result, Ansarada can grow its business at will.

Because Certinia connects all essential business information to finance, Ansarada can provide a seamless, end-to-end customer journey, from the time customers first engage with Ansarada to the time they pay their invoice.

Since adopting Certinia, Ansarada now invoices faster and earlier. Instead of a 24-day lag before invoicing and one week to close, finance can invoice immediately in a single day. This translates to a smooth, seamless process for customers and faster time to revenues for Ansarada. Even with multiple currencies and bank accounts around the globe, finance can now cash match in just a few hours, down from eight hours per day. Finally, the integration between finance and other business data incorporates finance into the customer journey. "Certinia makes it possible for us to see the value of our customer relationships in full color," says Riley.