Aquient chooses Certinia for end-to-end practice management

"We've built our entire business—from project planning to resourcing and reporting—around Certinia PS Cloud. It's an absolute game changer."

Jimmy Storrier, CEO & Managing Director, Aquient
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Key Benefits:

Real-time project reporting

89% time savings

>100% ROI

Ditching disconnected systems amid high growth

Since its founding in 2018, Aquient has doubled in size annually, working across industries to help clients create a seamless customer experience across digital touchpoints. Team members previously managed projects using an array of tools, including spreadsheets, and Microsoft Project, but inconsistencies made it difficult to understand how the business was performing. Plus, based on his experience at a prior company, Aquient's CEO knew Mavenlink was not an option as it lacked the robust resource management capabilities Aquient needed. To support its aggressive growth plans, the company needed a better, more unified system for managing professional services engagements.

Native to the Salesforce platform, Certinia Professional Services (PS) Cloud has given Aquient a real-time view into project schedules and resources, enabling management to make better decisions and allocate resources as needed.

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Now project overages and revenue leakage are a thing of the past. By standardizing how projects are planned, executed, and reported on, Aquient management can be confident that project managers are guiding projects to completion on time and within budget.

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Certinia Services Analytics gives Aquient an accurate, real-time view into projects and the ability to easily manage each project at a granular level. Rather than simply manage project resourcing, Certinia makes it possible to automate and improve end-to-end project management.

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Certinia PS Cloud has transformed how Aquient delivers and manages its projects: No more relying on guesswork or slogging through 4.5 hours of analysis every two weeks to determine project status. A real-time view into projects means the company can quickly and confidently move projects forward. With Aquient more efficiently managing projects, avoiding unprofitable projects, and improving customer satisfaction, it's no wonder the company's founder says they have realized more than a 100% ROI with Certinia.