CBTS Technology Solutions connects what matters with Certinia on Salesforce

Certinia gives us a lot more flexibility to meet our customers' needs. We now have much more visibility into customer data, metrics and day-to-day operational insights. It's a game changer.

Daniel Menkins, Salesforce Supply Chain Product Owner, CBTS Technology Solutions

Key Benefits:

50% faster time and expense reporting

Real-time visibility

360° view of customer

Legacy processes hamper growth

As CBTS Technology Solutions added applications over the years, it suffered from disjointed processes and data. It called upon a third party supply chain management (SCM) software to handle orders and manage inventory, along with a legacy accounting software for financials. Its basic SCM software lacked flexibility and reporting capabilities. The financial software met some, but not all needs, including integration with Salesforce. Combined, these issues meant their Infrastructure Practice was bogged down and the company was unable to hold the sales team accountable for forecasts. After relying on legacy systems, manual processes, and integration workarounds for years, CBTS Technology Solutions needed a more robust solution.

By implementing Certinia Professional Services (PS) CloudOrderProcurement, & Inventory, along with Financial Management, CBTS Technology Solutions gained much-needed visibility and flexibility to support the next wave of company growth.

Nearly every department in the company relies on Certinia Financial Management and Certinia PS Cloud. With full visibility into each account and the flexibility of the software, CBTS Technology Solutions can better and more quickly serve customers, giving it an edge over the competition and driving repeat business.

With standard workflows, checks and balances, and visibility in place, CBTS Technology Solutions has standardized and improved processes across the board. Empowered by the rules and validations built into Certinia software, the company can generate cleaner data and more insightful reports - which translates to better decisions.

Improved processes lead to higher employee satisfaction rates, which has helped with overall productivity. The nearly 4,000 users of Certinia PS Cloud manage time and expense entries, a daily task which is no longer tedious and time consuming. The sales team of nearly 200 reps can now generate quotes and more quickly produce forecasts. Finance harnesses the integration between Certinia and Salesforce for better reporting and faster closes.