Cloudteam Company drives sustainable growth in multinational operations

Certinia has become an enduring asset, safeguarding our business from the uncertainties and expenses of migrating to new technologies, and ultimately securing our position in the market.

Gert-Jan ter Weeme, Founder, CEO, Cloudteam Company

Key Benefits:

Invoicing Time 70% Reduction

Real-Time Visibility Decisions driven by real-time dashboard data insights

YoY Growth: 20%

Since its inception in 2015, Cloudteam Company has evolved from three founding partners to a multinational team of employees. Having implemented over 149 cloud solutions across Europe, the company guides its clients through a digital transformation journey, ensuring successful business outcomes.

Once established, a critical decision regarding the selection of a comprehensive business solution had to be made. As the company aimed to specialize in Salesforce and Certinia implementations, the goal was to stand up a comprehensive solution from CRM to ERP on Salesforce, and then demonstrate the success of digitization to potential clients. The company was resolute in streamlining its entire delivery process, turning to Certinia and Salesforce for the potential to automate operations. By strategically implementing Certinia from the outset, Cloudteam Company positioned itself for success, envisioning a growth trajectory of 20% year-over-year in alignment with market trends. The effectiveness of using Certinia and Salesforce together became evident from the start, ensuring success for the rapidly expanding company. This approach not only provided a competitive edge but also facilitated lean operations, a pivotal aspect of their strategic business plan.

Cloudteam Company achieved real-time visibility, improved profitability, and significant time savings across projects and resources with ERP and Professional Services Cloud. The transformative 70% improvement in invoicing accuracy, completed within four hours instead of days, was a notable achievement. Operating the business in real-time with minimal overhead not only benefits the company but also serves as a compelling selling point to clients. Demonstrating how the system works instilled trust, highlighting the tangible value it added to both the company's operations and those of its clients.

The true testament to Certinia's value emerged in the continuous growth journey of the company. With the flexibility to add additional modules and applications seamlessly, the company expanded its capabilities. This ensured a cost-effective and reliable business case, with the stability offered by the chosen system outweighing the potential risks and costs associated with migrating to new technologies. Certinia became a valuable asset for Cloudteam Company's long-term success.

This adaptability positioned Cloudteam Company at the forefront of digitization. In essence, Certinia became an enduring asset, safeguarding the company from the uncertainties and expenses of migrating to new technologies, and ultimately securing its position in the market.