DeepRoot trims 25 days on average from month-end close

Even though we're a small company, Certinia worked closely with us to help define our key processes, enabling us to implement the right tool to fit our growing company. Plus, because the Certinia solution is so flexible, it will support our changing needs.

Ida Pai, CFO, DeepRoot
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Key Benefits:

5 Days to close financials each month

95% Data accuracy

360° View of customer data

Struggling to scale the business

Since its humble beginnings in San Francisco, DeepRoot has established an international presence. As the company expanded, so did its infrastructure. Disconnected systems, such as those for CRM and financial management, led to redundant data entry and human error. Combined with Internet connectivity issues in some offices, this resulted in delays entering and aggregating data for financial reporting and decision-making. Employees were forced to run multiple reports to understand project cycles, and month-end closes took too long. DeepRoot needed a way to enable consolidated data and processes as well as organization-wide collaboration.


Because Certinia ERP works seamlessly on the Salesforce platform, deployment and adoption went smoothly. DeepRoot found it easy to connect its various data sources to Certinia, and employees appreciated continuing to work within the familiar Salesforce environment.

By connecting data from the point of sale to project delivery, Certinia empowers DeepRoot's employees around the globe to view and collaborate using the same data. Without pulling multiple reports, the sales team can easily track projects and guide customers through projects based on an accurate view, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

Certinia enables DeepRoot's operations team to precisely track supply of its products, significantly improving inventory tracking. At the same time, finance knows the cost of inventory and margins. Combined, these insights empower the company to make rapid decisions, like special promotions, to help grow the business.


With Certinia ERP, DeepRoot is able to close its books much more quickly. Whereas it used to take nearly 30 days, finance now closes within five days of month end with highly accurate data. Moreover, it can easily handle multi-company, multi-currency, and foreign exchange currency valuations on a daily basis. As a result of streamlining the key financial processes, DeepRoot can now focus on opportunities for business growth.