Efficio harnesses Certinia to create a flexible, cloud-based platform for business growth

The power of Certinia, purpose built for the Salesforce platform, enabled us to stay connected while growing rapidly and expanding internationally.

Peter Heit, Director of Operational Finance, Efficio

Key Benefits:

One-click reporting

Real-time revenue forecasting

360-degree customer visibility

Efficio has specialized in procurement and supply chain management for more than 20 years, supporting clients across the globe from 13 offices in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

It takes a technology-driven approach to help organizations optimize costs, improve internal processes, and upskill their in-house teams so that they can deliver greater sustainable efficiencies.

Like many fast-growing organizations, Efficio experienced pain due to disconnected front- and back-office operations, and reliance on spreadsheets and legacy accounting software. Time-consuming routines, cumbersome workarounds, and lengthy meetings failed to provide needed visibility across the company's global regions. As a result, project cost control was challenging, and headcount planning was a headache. Dedicated resources spent considerable time each month to produce business reports.

Resolved to transform its operations in a customer-centered way, Efficio partnered with Certinia to power a platform for growth.

Certinia ERP Cloud and Professional Services Cloud perfectly complement Efficio's Salesforce utilization, enabling the company to use Salesforce as its core operating platform. With a single source of truth fed by accurate, up-to-date data, leadership has a better, clearer, and more comprehensive picture of operations and resources. Plus, by centralizing project management, the company empowers managers to make informed decisions to better manage performance and profitability.

The user-friendly platform helps employees produce financial and operational insight reporting with the click of a mouse and collaborate around shared customer and financial information. Now that teams trust the numbers and are aligned, meetings are more productive.

Efficio has unlocked huge business efficiencies by freeing employees across the organization from manual tasks, while realizing stronger controls from sales opportunity to revenue reporting. The new platform has also powered a culture change that promises to transform the company's future. Gaining a true picture of the business is enabling Efficio to better track and report on its sustainability and financial metrics.

Efficio's digital transformation project has enabled it to automate and simplify routine tasks, ensure information flows rapidly, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. The company now has an accurate view of revenue forecasts, complete control over customer-facing projects, and better pipeline visibility. In the year ending June 2022, the company grew faster than ever, achieving sales growth of 35% and expanding headcount by 27%. Implementing Certinia will enable Efficio to continue scaling, expand internationally, and flex around remote working patterns long into the future.