Flexera improves global resource management with Certinia PS Cloud

“By taking advantage of best-practice advice from Certinia experts on utilization, forecasting revenue, and how to better mobilize and manage our business, we unlocked the true value of Certinia PS Cloud.”

David Parry, Vice President, Global Customer Success and Services, Flexera

Key Benefits:

360° Views of client experience

10% Increase in customer satisfaction scores

17% Improvement in resource optimization

Keeping pace with growth

Flexera's Global Consulting Services arm engages in about 500 projects annually to help customers plan, implement, and operate Flexera's solutions to achieve their desired business outcomes. However, the company's standalone product for entering timecards and providing basic reporting to the billing department lacked analytics and project management capabilities. Having standardized on Salesforce as its CRM system, Flexera aimed to leverage the same platform to manage resourcing plans and projects in one place.


Native to the Salesforce platform, Certinia enables Flexera to see bookings and backlog in one dashboard. It can also segment data by practices and drill down to the granular level.

Reports are easy to generate with Certinia built on the Salesforce platform, giving Flexera a view into its customers' journeys from opportunity to closed business. Plus, the company can now assign resources anywhere globally, and track their work and project outcomes.

Flexera has details on new releases and Certinia's roadmap at its fingertips through the Certinia Community. This tremendously valuable resource supplements its interactions with Certinia's support and customer success teams.